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All New Styles of Blue Ox SwayPro products and Free Shipping!

Posted by American RV Company on 9/6/2013 to Products

Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Products


We have added all new styles for Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution products!

With just one look at SwayPro, you can see the Blue Ox commitment to quality and durability.

$599.99 each (plus tax) plus Free Shipping on all styles.


The SwayPro utilizes the latest in weight distributing technology to be the most user-friendly hitch on the market today. SwayPro prevents trailer sway under heavy loads, high winds, and rutted roads. Weight distribution is built into the hitch head. No fine tuning or adjustments are necessary.


SwayPro weight distributing hitches are innovative and have unique features to ensure a hitch so easy to use and adjust, you’ll thank yourself every time you tow.


Built-in sway prevention and so much more!

  • Easy hook up and disconnect
  • Snap-in spring bar design eliminates pins or clips
  • Signature Series rotating brackets safely and securely tighten the spring bar chains, preventing sway at the source
  • Built-in sway prevention
  • Simple, precise weight distribution adjustment
  • No noise
  • Quiet backing and turning


Not sure which SwayPro to select for your vehicle? Click on our easy to use SwayPro Hitch Selector Guide below.

SwayPro Hitch Selector Guide




I love the hitch, easy to use, completely eliminates sway top notch. I recommend this hitch to everyone I talk to about towing. Thanks for a great product.
-Vince Choquette


Coming back from Laramie, Wyoming going to Lincoln, Ne down I80 we experienced a constant 30 mph side wind with gusts up to 40 mph. We could never tell our 18 ft enclosed snowmobile trailer was back there. When you would pass a semi the truck and trailer acted as if they were one complete unit. Instead of whipping the trailer it would push both the truck and trailer over. When we reached Grand Island we hit the blizzard we were expecting to hit. The winds continued but now we added an inch of ice to the roads and blowing snow. Again the hitch worked flawlessly. The only problem was that with the roads being so icy and the Sway Pro keeping everything so much in line, the wind would almost push the entire unit off of the road. (May have been a hint for us to just get off of the road and wait it out.)
-Tyler Beechey


Very simple to use, great product.
-John Szebeda


Easy to connect and effective system. Best yet.
-Barry W Burchell


Great sway control system.
-Bruce R. Stevens


Heard it was the best check it out online and checked blogs. They are right it is great!
-James T. and Sandi-Jo Larsen


Love the simplicity and design. An elegant solution.
-Michael Cantwell


Very impressed with build and performance of the BXW1500 hitch.
-Don Arnold

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