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Replacement Fabrics

Dometic Awning Replacement Fabrics are packaged and can be purchased 2 ways: boxed or rolled.

Boxed fabrics are folded and then rolled into a small tube. Rolled fabrics are hand rolled without folding, avoiding wrinkling and creasing to the fabric, into a large tube (same length as fabric length you purchased).


Dometic Boxed Awning Replacement Fabric Disclaimer:

Please Note: Per the manufacturer these Awning Replacement Fabrics are folded and boxed. Each awning replacement fabric has a shelf life of 10 days starting from the day they are boxed. If the 10 day shelf life has expired it may cause wrinkling and creasing to your fabric, so please plan accordingly.

Dometic Rolled Awning Replacement Fabric Disclaimer:

Please Note: Per the manufacturer these awning replacement fabrics are hand rolled and put in tubes rather than boxed, avoiding wrinkling and creasing to the fabric. These Dometic replacement fabrics will ship via freight truck, so please plan accordingly.


How to measure patio awnings:

When replacing an awning roller tube or fabric, most cases you can open your awning and on the roller tube it should have the brand and the model number, which is the easiest way to get the correct size and color (if replacing for the same color).

If you are unable to get the model number you can measure from the center of the right arm to the center of the left arm, DO NOT take the measurements of the old fabric or roller tube.

How to Measure Slide Toppers
To determine which size of SlideTopper you require, measure your room's width from flange to flange. Refer to the chart for recommended size. CLICK HERE 
The SlideTopper will not work on rooms with a full extension greater than 44".
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