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Blue Ox DH1302 Diamond Hitch for Chevy GMC Camper Trailer RV

Part Number: Blue Ox DH1302
Blue Ox DH1302 Diamond Hitch for Chevy GMC Camper Trailer RV
Blue Ox DH1302 Diamond Hitch for Chevy GMC Camper Trailer RV (Image may differ from actual product)
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Blue Ox DH1302 Diamond Hitch for Chevy GMC Camper Trailer RV
Your truck is a big part of your life, and so is your gooseneck trailer. That’s why your hitch should be hefty enough for heavy-duty towing yet out of the way when the need arises to use the entire truck bed! Presenting a gooseneck hitch that does all this, and more, better than any other. The advanced Diamond Hitch from Blue Ox has a unique combination of features that makes it the best hitch for your style of heavy-duty hauling.
Set up or store in a snap
When you’re ready to tow, simply insert the ball into the hitch cylinder and rotate (1). The Inverta ball’s ingenious spring-loaded locking mechanism secures the ball in place, ensuring it can’t be accidentally unlatched. This eliminates encountering the troublesome levers, locks, cables, mud and dirt in truck fender wells as is the case with some competing systems. Stowing the ball is just as convenient.
Unlatch the Inverta ball by pushing the safety thumb lock to release and rotate to remove the ball. (2)Then invert the ball and place directly back into the socket below the truck bed. The ball self-stores– out of the way– and is ready for use the next time you need to tow.
1.                          2.       
Use your entire truck bed

An innovative, flush-with-the-floor hitch design enables you to remove and store the hitch ball. No bed rails, no oily mess, no clutter. This is because the Diamond Hitch installs completely under the bed of your truck. So when you’re not towing, every inch of your truck bed is available for cargo.


Installation is easy

The Diamond Hitch bolts directly to the truck frame, using existing bolts and holes when possible and requires only a four-inch hole in the truck bed for the ball cylinder. No welding, or lifting of the truck bed is required. So the Diamond Hitch reduces installation time and expenses. What’s more, the main hitch assembly is made of one-piece tubular steel, ensuring increased strength.

Convenient Fit - Entire hitch fits below the truck bed, which leaves the truck bed flat and unobstructed.  

Mounting Brackets Design - Truck model and bed length specific mounting brackets designed to distribute towing forces with pre-punched holes to utilize existing frame holes where possible.
Grade Five 1/2" Fasteners - Premium bolts and lock nuts for this load application.
Complete Packaging - The Diamond Hitch is shipped complete with mounting instructions, bolts, brackets, and safety chain loops.
Caution: Installation must be performed by a qualified mechanic with technical knowledge of basic mechanical skills.

: Product cannot be safely used if loaded beyond design ratings. Overloading or overstressing the products constitutes a misuse of the product and voids any warranties.

Note: This item may incur a 25% restocking fee.


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