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Boondocking - Dry Camping

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 4/27/2012 to Stories

source - http://www.vintagetraveltrailerart.com/

source - http://www.vintagetraveltrailerart.com/VintageTravelTrailerArt.htm


What Is Boondocking?

The term "boondocking" means different things to different people. Free camping, overnight RV parking at places such as Wal-Mart or truck stops, and any time RV hookups are not available (dry camping) have been referred to as boondocking.

www.rv-camping.org defines boondocking as remote location dispersed camping. With this in mind, you might call boondocking advanced RV camping. This type of camping isn’t for everyone. Dispersed camping in remote areas requires research, exploration, and a sense of adventure to find great campsites.

The term "dispersed camping" has started showing up in official US government agency web sites. It also has been referred to as "car camping", and is defined by the USDA Forest Service as "camping outside developed campgrounds".
Boondocking locations can be found on the Internet on RV forums and newsgroups. Local chamber of commerce offices and visitor centers are good places to inquire at too. Talking to other RVers is one of the best ways to find new places, but be aware that many people don't want to share their favorite RV camping and boondocking sites. Finding great RV camping and boondocking sites can be a bit of work, but with some research and exploration, you should find exactly what you are looking for.
excerpt from rv-camping.com - click to view full article
Dry camping is fun if you do it right, by yourself, with family or with friends, conserving your resources, and making do with what you have can make the experience a memorable one.
Preparation is key and being mindful of any situation that may occur will take the fear of not being hooked up to anything for the span of days you'll be out away.
Feel free to browse our sitefor things you may need to prepare for your boondocking trip or any RV trip you plan to take this summer!

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