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Dierks Bentley, Junk Gypsies and a Vintage Airstream!

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 7/13/2012 to Vintage Trailer of the Week
Through out their search and building time they aquired some great pieces that fit what Dierks was looking for and a few key items that might add a special flare to the trailer.
They found a church pew, which they cut in half for seating at the awesome vintage poster table they created. The kept the original 8 track unit and found some 8 track tapes to go along with it, created a work light chandelier, a over head banjo light, & a vintage credenza turned into the kitchen unit with the cook top and stove, which was hand decorated by one of their friends Tara.
Amie & Jolie found a motorcycle tank at a fellow junker, metal artist and friend's shop Bediko's which the owner Kwaku Bediko turned into wall sconces with wings in honor of Dierks' love for motorcycles and his wife's favorite song "Sharp Cutting Wings" by Lucinda Williams.
You can check out the whole renovation from beginning to end on HGTV's Junk Gypsies on July 20th at 2:30 p.m. ET.
Check out the full gallery of the photos on GAC's website here.
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