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Dometic Sealand 302311613 Model 311 RV Toilet Bone Low Profile

Part Number: Dometic 302311613
Dometic Sealand 302311613 Model 311 RV Toilet Bone Low Profile
Dometic Sealand 302311613 Model 311 RV Toilet Bone Low Profile Trailer Camper RV (Image may differ from actual product)
Dometic Sealand 302311613 Model 311 RV Toilet Bone Low Profile Trailer Camper RV


Robust design. PowerFlush performance.


Best in class says a lot about a gravity toilet design. Revolutionary flushing technology means it comes from Dometic.


Flushing with as little as 1 pint/0.4 liter of water, the 310 delivers a pressure-enhanced "PowerFlush" rim wash that clears the bowl virtually in an instant! With a new one-direction pedal, the user presses down slightly to add water to the bowl (if needed), then presses down completely to flush.


The smooth continuous lines of Dometic's new uni-style bowl design delivers enhanced visual appeal, and makes routine cleaning much easier. And for RV winterizing, 310 toilet components prone to freezing (water valve, vacuum breaker) can be easily removed for warm storage.



?          Lightweight and strong--100% vitreous china bowl

?          PowerFlush swirl-jet bowl rinse action ensures a cleaner rinse

?          Tasteful and elegant Euro design

?          Innovative, industry leading drop away ball and valve with an entirely new seal-tight system. Designed for proved superior performance

?          Worry-free operation



?          Full size vitreous china bowl does not scratch and retains beauty.

?          Lightweight yet strong and compact design has a distinct Euro look and appeal.

?          Full-sized, adult seat.
?     Low Profile Design



?          Ergonomic, user-friendly pedal flush design. Press down partially to add water?press fully to flush.

?          Smooth china surface is hygienic and easier to clean.

?          Environmentally friendly?minimal water consumption.

?          Open rim design increases water pressure for outstanding cleaning.

?          Enhanced replaceable ball seal design has a self-cleaning feature. Snaps in?no dis assembly required?no tools needed

?          PowerFlush technology. Unique bowl design has strategically placed water outlets that create a vortex flush pattern for improved rim wash and complete coverage.



?          Simple yet solid two-bolt mounting fits most standard floor flanges for fast and easy installation.

?          Ready to use right out of the box. Floor flange seal is pre-installed from the factory.

?          Easy-to-connect water line.

?          10? bowl outlet to wall



Size: 13.75?H x 15?W x 10.25?D

Color: Bone
Hand Spray: No
Low Profile



2-Year Protection Plus warranty

300/310/320 Series Replaces Any Toilet*:
  • Straight 2-bolt style toilets - Most plastic RV toilet models, 210, 110 Dometic/Sealand models
  • 4-bolt style toilets - 510 and older models
  • Angled 2-bolt style toilets - Older RV toilets (models vary)

* Standard Height RV toilets that are not installed on a raised platform

Requires Dometic mounting adapter kit, 385311719 (White) or 385311720 (Bone)
Installation may require Dometic water line extender kit (385311718) sold separately.

A: 15.25 in. / 349.25 mm
B: 15 in. / 381 mm
C: 19 in. / 483 mm
D: 13.75 in. / 298.45 mm - Seat Height
E: 14.75 in. / 375 mm
F: 29.5 in. / 749 mm - Seat Lid Up
(Note: Picture may not reflect actual product)


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