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Easy Camping Recipes for All the Family

Posted by Jeff Wishek on 12/1/2011 to Recipe

Easy camping recipes for everyone

The first essential camping food is ‘Egg in the hole’ and it is my favorite breakfast. It does require a frying pan and not just an open fire, however. First you take a piece of bread and remove a large hole through the center. This can be done with a glass, using the rim like a cookie cutter, if you have one, or just a knife or your bare hands. Butter both sides of the bread. You then place it in the pan, browning it on each side for just a few minutes. When the toast is as you like it, crack an egg into the pan in the center of the toast. Let it cook until well done or over easy depending on your tastes. Take a spatula and remove the entire piece of toast and egg in one motion and put it on your plate. Yes it is still just an egg and a piece of toast, but something about the design and it being cooked in the wilderness just makes it taste incredibly yummy. Plus, kids love it when food is just a tad bit different than they are used to. It is a great surprise!

easy camping recipes

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Cooking food over an open fire when camping is an absolute must. One incredibly yummy food to try is pigs in a blanket. Sure, we all have roasted a hot dog on a stick at some point, but did you ever think to cook the bread over the fire too? It is simple and delicious. All you need is a can of refrigerated biscuits. First, put your hot dog on your roasting stick and let it cook for just a bit in the flames. You just want to start to get it warm. (Or if you are one of those campers that need to char it black to enjoy it, feel free to drench it in the fire.) Once it is where you like it, take a biscuit and stretch the dough out into the longest rope-like shape you can. Carefully wrap the hot dog with the dough, sealing it at the top and bottom. Hold it over the flames, being very careful not to ignite the dough, and after about 5 minutes at the right height, you will have a most delicious pig in a blanket. My mouth is watering just thinking of it!
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