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Getting Ready for the Quartzsite RV Show Part 1!

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 1/16/2012 to Stories
2 More Days!
As we prepare for our trip to the Quartzsite RV show, the reality of what it takes to prepare for something this huge becomes quite stressful.

Trying to fit all of this and more into our custom made trailer is gonna be a task so come visit us in Quartzsite to help us clear out our show inventory! ;)

Another fun task is labeling...
If you can guess how many products we have to label for the show, you win an imaginary cookie. LOL.

Some of the new products we will be bringing out to the show will be the SafeGlowWhips, FlagPoleBuddy, and Next Wave LED!
We will be offering the same low prices we offer on our site for all our products, so if you plan on visiting the show please check out our website for products you're interested in and then come visit our booth for all your RV Parts and Accessory Needs!

As stressful as this huge project may be, the experience and the people will make all the difference. Being able to offer our products to our customers face to face will truly make the Quartzsite RV Show something special!


Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of preparing for Quartzsite!

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