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‘Glamping’ – The Latest Camping Experience

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 12/20/2011 to Ideas

‘Glamping’ – The Latest Camping Experience

Lately there’s been a growing trend of ‘glamping’ – glamorous camping. What is it you ask, well, we’re talking fabulous teepees, tents and “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” style cabins and lodges, with heated floors and the stuff you have at home only fancier– but mixed in with mother nature.
Most of us who go normal camping, go for the hard, rocky floors, cold nights, and sitting by the fire with smores. We like to get away from the daily grind and away from home; maybe spend some quality family time, or just have a couple’s retreat. The fun part about camping is making do with what you have, relying on mother nature to provide you with what you forgot or chose not to bring and bringing people together.


With these new glamping sites, I guess you can do the same thing except now in a fancier setting.


Wharekauhau Lodge and Country Estate - Wairarapa, New Zealand

For instance, this ain’t your typical style cabin here, in New Zealand they have luxury lodges.


Villa tent – Dordogne, France
In France there are luxury alpine chalets and safari tents.
Long Valley Yurts - Lake District, United Kingdom http://www.long-valley-yurts.co.uk/










If you’re in the US here are six sites to try out the glamping experience!
Bar W Guest Ranch, Montana                The Resort @ Paws Up, Montana

If you’re looking to go camping like a rockstar, these would definitely be the places you’d want to go.


For more glamping sites Check out Goglamping.net.

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