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It All Started with an Owl - The Worst Case of the Mondays

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 5/10/2012 to Stories

A Tumultuous Monday


When I woke up Monday morning I didn't think it would be the worst case of the Mondays I've ever had at work.


Right before I left to head to the office, I get this text message from one of my co-workers:


"Power is down at work!"


As I get to the office I see everyone standing in the yard, people trickling in and out of the office. I heard they already contacted the city and the power company. I see a few of the guys outside trying to get a generator started to get power in the building


I could hear one of the managers calling the owner, someone calling our tech service, and everyone else watching as the generator started up. But unfortunately the generator didn't last very long, it was a bust.


As the morning progressed we thought about our customers and how they wouldn't be able to call in.


We tried to figure out how we could get to a computer to log in and put a statement on our site to let our customers know the situation. Luckily one of the managers was able to quickly go home and bring back his laptop to get that done, but we still had no power.


Finally the power company shows up, and starts working on the lines. We come to find out that an Owl flew into the lines and died taking our power out on one leg of the 12,000 Volt high tension power that supplies the transformer for our building. We have one leg good, another with floating voltage, and the other dead. It killed components of 2 out of our 6 servers, a couple Ethernet switches, and blew up our main shipping computers.


You got to love that even in the face of adversity, we were able to come together as a company and help each department get what needed to get done.


We finally got power up at 10:30. Servers up at 1:00, VIOP phones up at 2:00, and the other shipping computer fixed at 7:00pm that evening.


It was craziest day, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, we tried to get back online as soon as we could, but it took most of the day to get everything back up and running.


First, we thank you for your patience and patronage that day, we tried to call back as many people as we could, and hopefully those of you who we couldn’t get a hold of and any new customers browsing our site will still consider us for any future purchases!


Second, I would like to thank the owl for sacrificing itself to show us that we can band together as a team and do business 'Like a Boss' even when faced with a company meltdown.

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