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Memorial Day Weekend Plans!

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 5/21/2012 to Stories
If you're a weekend traveler, Memorial Day is one of the weekend holidays that you can't wait for!
Most people have this weekend planned out. Some of us, wait til the last moment since we're too busy with work and other things. So for those of us who are planning procrastinators, here are some ideas for you to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.
1. Camping Trip - National Parks, Camping at the Beach, Local Campgrounds.
2. Resort and Casino
  • Alot of us take these trips on a holiday weekend (i.e. Vegas & Laughlin)
  • You can do the camping/lake/resort & casino all in one trip.
3. Visiting Family
  • Sometimes these long weekends are the only times to do so. Make some time, and spend some time.
4. Theme park & resorts
5. Offroading/Dirtbiking/ATV trip
Tips for a great Memorial Day weekend:
- Check the weather forecasts
- Avoid leaving at peak times.
- Make sure when traveling with your children you can keep them a happy camper, for a tantrum free trip.
- Check traffic online or on your smartphones.
- Plan alternate routes if possible.
- Try to have an itinerary planned.
- Have fun!
Hope you all plan a great weekend and hope to hear some great stories here or on Facebook & Twitter!
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