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Nordic 3310 Remanufactured Cooling Unit

Part Number: Nordic 3310
Nordic 3310 Remanufactured Cooling Unit
Nordic 3310 Remanufactured Cooling Unit (Image may differ from actual product)
Currently not for sale, please contact for availability
Nordic 3310 Remanufactured Cooling Unit

Fits the following models NC8310, NC8682, NC8683 Std.**, NC878 Std.**
  • IMPORTANT! When ordering the following four Nordic Part # 3362, #3382, #3338, & #3310.
  • Special Attention must be paid to the burner style for replacement units NC8662, NC8663, NC8683, NC876, NC878
  • **If you unit has a horizontal (new style) burner with an "L" shaped 3/8" heating element order #3362 or #3382 depending on your refrigerator size.
  • Attention: All cooling unit cores are required to be returned to Nordic Cooling Units (at Nordic's expense) for a valid warranty, with exception of the following cooling unit model numbers 5561, 5526, 5564, 5502, 5513, 5528, 5584, 5520. See Warranty Information in the Product Resources tab for more information.
  • Warranty Activation must be completed within 30 days of installation via website or by mail


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