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Promotion: Blue Ox BXW1100 Lowest Price on the Web!

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 8/22/2012 to Products
Blue Ox BXW1100 SwayPro LT Weight Distribution Hitch 1100 lb Tongue Weight Camper Trailer RV
Now your favorite weight distributing hitch is available for lighter weight trailers! The SwayPro LT prevents sagging of the tow vehicle trailer hook up creating a safe method of trailer towing. With built-in sway control, the SwayPro LT eliminates user adjustments making it the easiest hitch to install!
Rotational chain brackets are easy to install and use. The rotating chain design installs below the top of the frame giving it clearance for fuel tanks and any other obstructions mounted on the trailer frame. It is specially designed for lighter weight trailers.
1100 lb Tongue Weight Capacity
Spring Bars
Adjustable Shank
Hitch Head
This item differs from the Blue Ox SwayPro (BXW0550, BXW0750, BXW1000 & BXW1500) in the head, and that the head itself does not have thumb screw adjustments:

Please Note: This item is being blown out and is not subject to any other discount or promotion. All sales are final and are limited to stock on hand. 
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