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Quartzite RV Show Photos!

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 2/4/2012 to Stories
Well we are all back from Quartzite!
It was a long two weeks!
The first two days of set up were crazy! We had to set up the store, shelving, unload product and displays, hang all the banners and set up the computers!
Click thumbnails to view larger photos!
Almost ready for opening day!
The first weekend was busy. Within minutes of opening the store we were faced with a growing tide of people, customers were everywhere asking questions and purchasing items. The wind blew in huge gusts, and we were all covered in dust, as was our product, displays and computers and despite all the wind the software at the registers worked perfectly. As the pictures progress you see how the dust just kept accumulating on everything!

After the first weekend, we quickly started running out of stock. Every night after the show ended we stayed up a few more hours to fill the shelves with more product. On Tuesday Jeff and Chris went back to our home base in Azusa CA to bring back more products replenish our shelves. So each day it seemed our walls were different with all the new product we kept trying to put out. The Next Wave LED bulbs were a huge seller along with the King Controls Jack antennas.

We had some of the hitch and weight distribution manufacturers featured in our tent Blue Ox, Roadmaster, Andersen, Cequent (Reese/Draw-Tite) & Curt
In the end it was a great experience for us all, especially for being our first time at a show of this magnitude. I think it really brought a lot of our employees closer together as a team and it also gave our customers a firsthand look at who we are as a company. We thank everyone of you who walked the aisles of our store in Quartzsite Arizona, until next time – happy camping!
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