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RV Camping Checklist Essentials For Beginners And Kids

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 1/4/2012 to Ideas

You probably feel very excited as you enter the campground.  You’ve driven a long way to get there.  Now you stop your engine and begin getting ready for some well deserved leisure time.  Suddenly, a thought flashes in your mind, “have you forgotten anything?”  Before this scenario happens to you, you may want to consider looking at a checklist of all your essential RV camping gear.

If you’re an experienced RV camper, this article may seem basic to you.  But for beginners who are new to RV camping, or kids, this printable checklistis well worth a read.

Let’s go over what you’ll need.

Checklist Of RV Essentials

The first element you need to do is a thorough review of your RV.  This includes the vehicle itself, how it’s performing and whether it needs a tune-up. Go over every single inch of the RV,  Make completely sure that all the components of the vehicle are functional. You definitely don’t want to go the campground and realize that your pop-out area will not pop out the way it’s meant to.

You should strongly consider getting an oil change and whatever other vehicle service you need.  Make sure to pack an extra power supply in case of a serious crisis.  Also pack a roadside emergency kit, with flares.  This type of planning may seem a bit tedious, but it’s necessary for the general well being of your trip.  You can’t do these things over so make sure you’re very careful when it comes to packing your RV for the trip to the campground.

Kitchen And Sleep Gear

This gear is essential for a good night’s sleep and answers the question: “where are we going to sleep?”  Following that up, you’ll wonder, “how are we going to eat?”  You’ll need gear for sleeping and cooking, in order to make your camping a trip a successful one.

One of the major benefits of traveling in an RV is you gain the use of a cooking area. Ensure that your travel pack includes containers, dishes, recipes and whatever other food products you need. Make sure to pack any other things you need, because you’ll only get one chance at it.  You’ll need to clean your dishes after every meal, so bring along a lot of detergent to clean your dishes when you’re done eating. You probably already have included items such as bedding and linens, but remember to pack extra clothes because it might get colder at night than you think.  Bring extra blankets, towels, and other essentials that you take for granted at home.  You’re better off packing too much stuff for the simple reason that your RV has the room!

Other Camping Supplies You’ll Need

Don’t forget about the bugs!  Even in RV campgrounds, bugs can become a nightmare.  Bring spray.  Make sure your bring any other items you need for activities you’ve planned. You may be fishing, or doing something else that requires gear. Make sure to pack it!  You should take a look at the attached list for more ideas on exactly what you need to pack. Thanks for stopping by LavaLand, The Hot Blog. Please share this article!

We’ve made up a list that includes everything you need for your next RV camping trip.  It’s attaches in a printable PDF.  Please feel free to download this free checklist and use it the next time you visit an RV campground.

source: lavaland.net
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