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Protect Your RV's Resale Value with a Quality RV Cover

Your RV represents what could be the second largest investment of your life. Every day that your RV goes uncovered, paint and interior surfaces fade, while vinyl, rubber, leather and fabrics dry, crack and deteriorate. Unless you're a full-timer, your RV may sit for months exposed to UV rays, rain, snow, bird droppings, tree sap and wind-driven dirt and dust.

The most versatile protection you can get for your coach is an RV cover. This relatively small investment will perhaps save you thousands of dollars in resale value when you go to trade-in or sell your RV. While covers might be considered an expensive addition to an already costly rig, the real truth is that they will add resale value as the cover takes the beating from the elements instead of your RV. Imagine how much it would cost to repaint the exterior, purchase and install new graphics, reupholster the dash and front seats and replace the curtains. It's easy to see how quality covers can actually come out looking like a bargain.

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