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Reese 5AS16K 5th Airborne Complete Arm Assembly Only Camper Trailer RV

Part Number: Reese 5AS16K
Reese 5AS16K 5th Airborne Complete Arm Assembly Only Camper Trailer RV
Reese 5AS16K Fifth Airborne Sidewinder Complete Arm Assembly Trailer RV Camper (Image may differ from actual product)
Currently not for sale, please contact for availability
Reese 5AS16K 5th Airborne Complete Arm Assembly Camper Trailer RV

5th Airborne Sidewinder - The Best of Both Worlds
Introducing the new 5th Airborne Sidewinder. The 5th Airborne combined with the Sidewinder is the ultimate premium pin box coupler. It provides all the benefits of both. The 5th Airborne provides the smoothest ride of all the air-ride couplers on the market; and easy automatic turning is offered by Sidewinder's nimble and quick design. No other hitch on the road takes the worry and discomfort out of your trailering experience. So sit back, relax and enjoy the smoothest ride on the road.
The Sidewinder system is designed for maximum flexibility and easy installation, using existing holes and hardware.
  • Forward pivot works in harmony with your hitch pivot
  • Universal kingpin locking wedge is reversible and adjustable
  • Enclosed air bag protected from UV exposure and shielded from road hazards
  • Rear mounted heavy-duty shock absorber
  • Cushions shock with adjustable air spring and shock absorber
  • Reduces longitudinal shock (chucking) by nearly 60%
  • Decreases vertical shock by 44%
  • Relieves stress on coach frame
  • Reduces vibration inside coach
  • Smoother ride means less fatigue for driver and passengers
  • Carrying Weight: 3,200 lbs. (TW/GTW)
  • Distributing Weight: 16,000 lbs. (TW/GTW)
Sidewinder - The premium pin box coupler - Nimble and Quick, Worry-Free Turning

Sidewinder is the premium pin box coupler designed specifically for short bed pickups. The nimble and quick design automatically eliminates turning and clearance headaches. Now you can make up to 90-degree turns without exiting the truck, throwing a switch or pushing a button.


Sidewinder’s kingpin locking mechanism moves the pivot position 22” rear of the coupler’s attachment point. This enables Sidewinder to handle up to a 90-degree turn effortlessly. By moving the pivot rearward while keeping the load centered over the axles, the trailer tracks more closely to the truck. This reduces the need for extra-wide turns and allows short bed pickups to jackknife with no fear of contact. And it’s all done automatically and requires no lubrication, no adjustments and has a specialized nylon plate built inside the unit that protects it from friction damage.
Sidewinder also offers faster steering wheel response, making backing up easier than ever before. The pivoting pin box makes hook up possible at any angle. And since the towing position of the arm of the pin box is locked in line with the truck, you can make full use of the truck bed space, giving you extra storage space for fuel tanks, toolboxes and cargo.
5th Airborne Sidewinder Complete Arm Assembly
Sidewinder SW16K
Not Included
Turret for maneuvering (Turret is pictured but not included)
Please always check your weight rating.


Limited 3 Year Warranty
Please Note: Sidewinder is not designed for use with: Pull Rite, Curt Q5, B&W Companion, Cequent Hi-Rise or Fifth Wheel Adapters that connect to a gooseball.
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