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Roadmaster 4414-3 MX Tow Bar Base Plate Bracket for Ford Escape 08 Camper Trailer RV

Part Number: Roadmaster 4414-3
Roadmaster 4414-3 MX Tow Bar Base Plate Bracket for Ford Escape 08 Camper Trailer RV
Roadmaster 4414-3 MX Tow Bar Base Plate Bracket for Ford Escape 08 Camper Trailer RV (Image may differ from actual product)
Currently not for sale, please contact for availability
Roadmaster 4414-3 MX Tow Bar Base Plate Bracket for Ford Escape 08 Camper Trailer RV
Tow Bar Base Plate Bracket Kit for Ford Escape 08.
Why are Roadmaster mounting brackets rated #1?
  • Every bracket design is subjected to computer-simulated Finite Elemental Analysis. ROADMASTER is the only towing products manufacturer to invest in the software and technology that Boeing, Lockheed Martin, GM and NASA use to ensure the integrity of their products. This allows ROADMASTER to offer the safest products possible for your family.
  • Every mounting bracket is custom-made to fit a specific vehicle or range of vehicles, and to attach at logical points along the frame or undercarriage, for maximum strength and a quick, easy installation (in lieu of specific mechanical experience with similar products, professional installation is recommended).
  • Every new bracket (not just a few) in the ROADMASTER Extra Large, MX, AND EZ Twistlock series (the brackets are described below) comes with detachable extensions which are easily removed when the vehicle isn't being towed - no unsightly steel hanging off the front of your car!
  • Every bracket is powder coated. In this process, charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the bracket. The particles fuse to the metal and form a lustrous, uniform and extremely durable finish.
  • ROADMASTER is quick to market brackets for new vehicles, and has the widest selection - currently, more than 1000 different mounting brackets (far more than any other company) - which fit more than 2000 different makes and models.
MX Series Hidden Brackets
  • The visible portion of the brackets (the front arms) can be easily removed when not towing - remove two hitch pins to convert from towed car to road car in seconds!
  • They're virtually invisible - improved aesthetics
  • For motorhome-mounted tow bars
  • Computer-cut, all-steel components for exceptional strength
  • Easy to install - ROADMASTER brackets use existing attachment points on the vehicle's undercarriage - no welding!
  • Most install through the grille - no scraping brackets in dips or against curbs.
Special Installation Notes:
3. Trimming the shock absorption pad, lower air dam, air deflector, cowling and/or rock guard is required on this model.
37. This bracket will accommodate any ROADMASTER motorhome mounted tow bar. This bracket is designed for heavier vehicles. Make sure the tow bar you use exceeds the weight of the vehicle to be towed when fully loaded. Anchor brackets for Sterling cables will not fit MX or MS style brackets. To use MX or MS bracket with Sterling tow bar the Sterling cable anchors must be attached to the frame of the vehicle or welded to the receiver portion of the bracket. IMPORTANT NOTE: this bracket will not accommodate the Guardian rock shield, Tow Defender, Stowaway or the StowMaster and StowMaster All Terrain tow bars.
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