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Safe T Alert 70-742-R-KIT-BR Carbon Monoxide and LP Gas Alarm w/Relay and Solenoid Kit Trailer Camper RV

Part Number: Safe T Alert 70-742-R-KIT-BR
Safe T Alert 70-742-R-KIT-BR Carbon Monoxide and LP Gas Alarm w/Relay and Solenoid Kit Trailer Camper RV
Safe T Alert 70-742-R-KIT-BR Carbon Monoxide and LP Gas Alarm w/Relay and Solenoid Kit Trailer Camper RV (Image may differ from actual product)
Safe T Alert 70-742-R-KIT-BR Carbon Monoxide and LP Gas Alarm w/Relay and Solonoid Kit Trailer Camper RV

If space is limited in your motor home or RV, add a 12 Volt recreational vehicle combination carbon monoxide and gas alarm that has a propane sensor, natural gas sensor and carbon monoxide sensor.
This gas detector is a recess mounted unit, i.e. it mounts flush with the wall with the rear of the unit inside your RV wall. Made in USA that has two connection wires, one black and one red. Replaces GasAware units (no longer produced).
The gas sensor also detects these explosive gases that are not UL tested: acetone, alcohol, butane and gasoline. The carbon monoxide sensor is very sensitive to CO gas but will not react to most other gases.

Notes for the Dual Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm:
  • This alarm will not work without power.
  • The alarm only will indicate the presence of gas at the sensor.
  • This alarm is intended for us in RV's in inside locations and is not designed for compliance with industrial and commercial applications.
  • The alarm may not be heard if located in remote locations, behind closed doors or by persons who are hard of hearing, have consumed alcoholic beverages or prescription or other drugs.
  • DO NOT connect any Safe-T-Alert propane alarm to any solenoid valve controled by a CCI propane alarm. A Burn or fire danger can occur using Safe-T-Alert propane alarms and CCI solonoid valves. The CCI 7719 and valveMUST be removed and replaced by a Safe-T-Alert 70-742-R-KIT.
Dual Propane/LP and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Features Include:
  • Inlcudes 12V relay that closes the gas solonoid valve included in the kit.
  • Meets 1/1/05 requirements set by RVIA for new RV's requiring both Propane detectors and CO alarms.
  • Also detects Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)/Methane.
  • Operational Temperature: -40 degrees F to +150 degrees F.
  • Relative Humidity: 15 to 95%
  • Audible Output: 85dB @ 10 feet
  • Gas Alarm Trigger: Less than 25%of the lower explosive level of propane and methane.
  • Gas Level Confirmation: 8 Seconds.
  • CO Alarm Trigger: Less than 15 minutes at 400 parts per million.
  • Test/Reset Button - Tests all detector functions with one touch. Resets and Mutes alarm while safety and corrective actions are taken.
  • Alarm is fully operational during mute cycle and will re-alarm if hazardous conditions reoccur.
  • Two Indicator Lights: Red CO LED flashes with 4 beeps and 5 seconds silence if CO level is over 70 ppm. Red Gas LED flashes and alarm sounds steady tone when dangerous propane or natural gas level is detected.
  • RV 12 Volt Hard Wired Model. Prevents accidental disconnection during alarm.
  • Built for the extreme RV environment.
  • One Year Limited Warranty.
70 Series Operating Specifications:
  • UL Listing Propane/Natural Gas - UL 1484 RV Gas Detectors.
  • UL Listing Carbon Monoxide UL 2034 RV Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
  • ULC Listing & CSA 6.19-01.
  • Power Supply and Current Draw 12 vDC 132 mA. Optional Relay 12 vDC - 3 amp.
  • Operational Voltage: 12 Volt +/- 15%.
  • Low voltage power warning alarm @ 7 volts
  • Flush Mount Case Dimensions: 70-742 - 6.5"W x 3.5"H x 1.375"D
  • Patent Number: US 7,248,156 B2
  • Light Brown.
  • Recessed Case Dimensions: approximately 1.5 inches deep x 5 inches long by 3 inches wide.

Note: When replacing a older CCI, product re-wiring might be needed. This Safe-T-Alert product has 4 wires.


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