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Sea-King 1800-HD 18 Inch Marine Satellite TV Antenna Camper Trailer RV

Part Number: Sea-King 1800-HD
Sea-King 1800-HD 18 Inch Marine Satellite TV Antenna Camper Trailer RV
Sea-King 1800-HD 18 Inch Marine Satellite TV Antenna Camper Trailer RV (Image may differ from actual product)
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Sea-King 1800-HD 18 Inch Marine Satellite TV Antenna Camper Trailer RV
Marine Stabilized Satellite TV Antenna: 1800-HD
Superior performance with extended off-shore coverage
With it's new rear feed LNB design, the Sea-King 1800-HD provides unsurpassed signal reception to bring you satellite TV further out than any other 18" antenna. It's the perfect choice for leisure boat owners and commercial fishing boats that want the best off-shore coverage in an 18" antenna. Heavy duty DC servo motors and a rugged mechanical platform are perfectly balanced to withstand the roughest of seas and provide continuous satellite reception while underway. Ideal for leisure boats and commercial fishing vessels looking for an extended range for US and Canadian satellite TV broadcasts in an 18" antenna.
Watching satellite TV on your boat should be just as easy and enjoyable as it is at your home. With the Sea-King automatic satellite switching feature, you simply select a channel with your remote control and the antenna automatically moves to the satellite carrying that channel - just like at home! The unique rotary joint design provides unlimited azimuth rotation with no internal cables to wrap, so you never lose picture waiting for a cable to unwrap when turning. The control panel with LCD display provides simple one-touch operation. It also offers the ability to monitor satellite selection, satellite lock and signal strength and includes full diagnostic capabilities without the need for any additional hardware or special software.
Key Features:
  • Superior tracking capability - faster than any other antenna
  • One button operation - easy to use
  • DVB - for positive satellite identification
  • Auto satellite switching - simply change channels with your receivers remote control
  • Single cable connection - coaxial cable only - no large bundle of cables
  • Dual rotary joint - provides unlimited azimuth rotation with no cable wrap
  • Rugged design - built to withstand even the roughest seas
  • Digital controller display - for simple set-up and system monitoring
Satellite TV Service Provider Compatibility
DIRECTV HD* - 101, 110, 119
DISH 500 - 110, 119
DISH 1000 HD - 61, 110, 119 (or) 110, 119, 129
Bell ExpressVU - 91
Bell ExpressVU HD - 82, 91
Sea-King Systems are compatible with Dish Network and Bell ExpressVU HDTV.
HD converter required to receive specially formatted HD signals from DIRECTV 110 satellite is included with 1800-HD antenna. These antennas do not receive DIRECTV Ka band signals from satellites 99 and 103.
Extended Warranties Available for Purchase.


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