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Vintage Camper of the Week - Vintage Motorcycle Camper

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 6/8/2012 to Vintage Trailer of the Week
Its fairly common to see Honda Gold Wings or Harley touring rigs cruising down the highway with a trailer in tow, but the idea is hardly new. Once again, the dusty shelves of The Kneeslider research library yield this plan from a 1930s Popular Science magazine article for a motorcycle camper trailer by an unnamed German inventor. It isnt just a carry all for saddle bag overflow, either, this has a double bed, closets, pantry, cook stove and roof rack for a canoe. Considering the motorcycle engines of the time, it might have taken a while to get up to speed with a rider, passenger and fully loaded trailer, not to mention the added air resistance, even though it has a streamlined housing over the front wheel, but then, speed limits were lower, too. Cyclists now may have the same comforts as autoists.

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