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Vintage Camper of the Week!

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 5/4/2012 to Vintage Trailer of the Week

Spartan trailercoaches weren't the bread and butter of this company when it started out. The Spartan Aircraft Company started with oil and established future companies such as Getty, Gulf, Standard Oil (no Exxon), Sinclair & Skelly.


Because of William Skelly‚Äôs interest in aeronautics they moved on to aircrafts and sponsored  both the The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen and Captain Midnight.


When J. Paul Getty acquired the company they built the Spartan Executive an aviation legend and one of the most highly regarded planes of its era.  During the war, he got the contracts to build the Spartan NP-, Gruman, Lockhead, & Curtiss.


After the war, is when the trailercoaches came along.

Read the Spartan history from www.spartantrailer.com

They were large and in charge at the time and very roomy from looking at some of the floor plans. They were basically built in the 50's to accomodate those who needed homes after the war.
They priced at around $4000 close the what the cost of a brand new home in town cost (around $8000 including the land).
"They were truly the "Cadillac" of Trailers"
Spartan had around 19 models before the plant closed in 1962, the largest made was 10 feet wide and 55 feet long. Some of the models made were the Royal Manor, Imperial Mansion, Sparcraft, Sparlane, Spartanette, Crescendo & Carousel to name a few.
If you can find these, I'd say it's an awesome find.
Check out these vintage advertisements and paper work from Spartan's heydays.
Stay tuned for next week's vintage camper of the week!
Spartan wiki (tincantourists.com)
Spartan Aircraft Trailer Coaches (www.spartantrailer.com)
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