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Vintage Trailer of the Week - Holiday House Geographic

Posted by Cristina Escarilla on 5/18/2012 to Vintage Trailer of the Week
According to the sites I've come across the Holiday House "Geographic" was an idea coined by David H. Holmes who is head of the Harry & David, Fruit of the Month Club, Bear Creek Orchards and Holiday House Trailers.
He was intrigued by the design from a Charles Pelly who was an award winning automotive designer from Ford & General Motors.
David H. Holmes had envisioned the first luxurious Trailer for the Rich with amenities of a fine home on the road. The unique "Model X" is fully protected by patent pending. Holmes retained Lawrence McCane of the Industrial Design Affiliates, Beverly Hills, California, who has achieved national prominence for his brilliant work in industrial design, and who had been one key to Holmes' development of the aluminum - plywood line of Holiday House trailers.  To help Holmes bring the new exciting fiber glassed trailer to realization, McCane enlisted Robert B. Brophy, one of the nations few experts in missile and satellite fiberglass, to engineer and produce molds for this assembly-line fiber glassed honeycomb prototype model which, as McCane describes it is "ten years ahead of the trailer industry in concept, design and construction principles."

 In February of 1960, the completed Showroom Model of  “GEOGRAPHIC”, one of the five-manufactured Fiberglass Coach Trailers was shipped to Van Nuys, California to be introduced to the world during one of the largest trailer shows in the country.

  In 1958 and during the preliminary design phase, this Trailer was named “Star Craft”. Later and during its marketing it was referred to as Model ”X”, and finally it was introduced to the public as “Geographic”.

 It is assumed that due to its expensive price tag of $8,495 (In 1960 you could buy a house for $13,000), no units were sold and finally in 1962 the Showroom Model was sold to Joyce Woodin, the Showroom manager for $5,000. She kept all the original sales; service receipts and brochures that came with this magnificent trailer as well as a complete set of Mel Mac dishes. After her death, in February 1995, her sister sold the trailer for a few hundred Dollars to a residence of Green Valley, California. - source: http://1960prototype.com/The_Story.php 

(link no longer works)
The owner of the site dedicated to the Holiday House Geographic, Bardy Azadmard, ended up finding one of these trailers which happened to be owned by Joyce Woodin, who was the showroom manager when the Geographic came out
When he found it, it was in a horrible condition, basically gutted out, rat infested and the wires and plumbing were chewed up by rats. He had spent some years working on it and restored it to what it would have looked like back in the day when Joyce owned it.  The great thing about the the trailer is that she kept all the paper work  for the trailer, even the sales receipt. There was alot of history in that paperwork, seeing what the photos, and manuals looked like back then made it even more special knowing he had THE showroom model which was a one of a kind.
Bardy Azadmard has taken this trailer to many RV shows and he's had tons of people ask him about the trailer.  He's also had many offers for this trailer, but wasn't ready to give it up to just anyone. After a few years through the RV circuit, he finally found a customer in France.
"The Geographic was finally sold on Saturday, 9/10-2011. It will be shipped to France where she will hopefully be in good hands for a long time. How much you may ask?! Lets say you could buy a house for that price! ;-)"
for more photos & source: http://1960prototype.com/The_Story.php (link no longer works)

There is a FB page that does show interior shots of one they restored here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.160791124057546.37285.154594534677205&type=1
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